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What our readers had to say about us

Praise for The Persolus Race: Volume One

"Some great different visions of what could be. It is a great collection of stories that I really enjoyed"

- Ryan Ander

"I enjoyed the varied writing styles that reflect the different authors. I might have a couple of favourites but all of the stories offer the readers something of interest, adding to the art of sci-fi"
- Carolyn Batcheler, Joyzine

"As a collection, the book reminds me of The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, and I applaud everyone involved for getting together so diverse a group in the midst of the pandemic and publishing such a well-thought-out anthology."

- Susan Eaton

"The premise of this book is great and the storytelling is as compelling as anything I’ve read in Asimov, Analog, or Fantasy & Science Fiction magazines"
- Mr. Matthew

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